The Lost Are Saved

Name: Evander Grimes


Caretaker: Nathaniel Grimes

Race: Human/Fire Sparked

A Mind can make a hell of heav'n, a heav'n of hell. ~John Milton

Name: Alexander Mitchell

Age: 16

Master: Nathan Grimes

Race: Half-Fae/Half-Shifter

Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light...

[1x1 RP Account. No gifs are mine]

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I can’t help it. I like how it feels. 

I know we said we weren’t going to move, but I think me getting on top of you would be a reasonable exception. What do you think?

I think…ah… as long as we don’t leave the bed.


Am I not allowed to?

I never said that.


I understand. You won’t get fat~ I like your body.

Of course you do.


I could stay like this forever.

You could, but I have to eat and go to the bathroom and not get fat…


I changed my mind. Moving is a bad idea.

Then we won’t move.


I do too. Want me to rewind it? I have snocaps. And popcorn.

Yeah, all right.


I like you however you are. I love you. I know, I just figured that you’d want to see Stitch pick up the Punch buggy. 

I do like that part.


Which is why it’s fun to have you on your toes, love. 

You missed the best part of the movie.

You like me better on my knees. I’ve seen the movie before. I remember how it goes.


Big, strong vampire wins every wrestling match that we have. I’m King of the Bedroom. 

You cheat! you have fangs, and you’re quicker than I am!